December 10, 2020: Japanese Industry and Policy News – September – October 2020 now available online

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has released “Japanese Industry and Policy News” composed of various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including policy documents, surveys, and official statements, in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation.

Topics covered in this issue:

· Japan to drop “Hanko” seals requirement in 99% of administrative procedures
· Image design registered for the first time
· Prime Minister Mr. Suga declares “substantially zero greenhouse gases by 2050”
· New establishment and revision of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

· GDP July-September annual rate increase of 21.4%
· Nikkei Trendy and Nikkei X Trend announce 2020 hit products

COMPANY & Organization NEWS
· Toshiba Group started world’s first large-scale CO2 separation and recovery demonstration at a biomass power plant
· Japan Research Institute establishes consortium for research on recycling model of EV in-vehicle battery
· Succeeded in visualizing cesium in the body
· Kao Corporation support program for small palm plantations in Indonesia
· AOKI releases shirts using Toray’s “PET bottle recycled fiber”
· Kubota and NVIDIA develop fully autonomous agricultural machine equipped with edge AI
· NEDO et al. start demonstration operation of hybrid storage battery system at wind farm in Europe
· Suzuki develops the world’s first outboard motor micro plastic collecting device
· Itochu makes full-scale entry into the bio-plastic business of renewable resources in collaboration with European resin manufacturers
· Full-scale provision of the world’s first EV-only navigation app
· Iberdrola develops large-scale offshore wind farm in Japan
· UNIQLO launches customer participation type “RE.UNIQLO” to release 100% playback down

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