1. Executive Committee
    • Prof. Dr. Dietrich ALBERT, Graz University of Technology, Knowledge Technologies Institute & University of Graz, Department of Psychology, Austria; Chairman
    • Dr. Lorenz GRANRATH, National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST Tokyo, Japan; Vice-Chairman
    • Sabine GANTER-RICHTER, Network for Science, Bonn, Germany; Managing Member of the Executive Committee and Treasurer
    • Dr. Matthieu PY, EURAXESS Japan, Tokyo; Deputy Managing Member and Secretary
    • Prof. em. Dr. Andres TÖRNVALL, former Head of Dept. of Japanese Studies, Linköping University, Institute of Technology, Sweden
    • N.N.
  2. Members Meeting
    The Members’ Meeting will be called no earlier than one year after the preceding Members’ Meeting, but no later than three years after that meeting by a managing Executive Committee member.
  3. Advisory Council
    • Jörn KECK (Former Ambassador of the EU to Japan)