Invitation for the webinar of Space.Japan on January 18

10+ Gbps space-to-ground laser communication

Date: Wednesday January 18 2023, JST 17:00-17:30/ CET 9:00-9:30

(This webinar will be conducted only in English)

Space.Japan, in collaboration with a promising Deep-tech company from France, Cailabs, is pleased to invite you to the present webinar. 

The explosion of data in space, boosted by high-resolution imaging, telecom constellations and secure data transfer, is accelerating the need for faster and more secure satellite communication solutions. Laser communication solves radio limitations: 10+ Gbps data rates, no frequency licensing, and highly secure point-to-point links. This technology is starting to be deployed in inter-satellite links, while adoption on the ground is slower due to atmospheric turbulence which strongly disturbs the optical beam. Cailabs has developed a unique technology to correct atmospheric turbulence without any moving part, and offers solutions from the component to full turnkey 10+ Gbps-ready Optical Ground Stations.

Please register directly from the link contained in the flyer as attached file to participate.

  • Space.Japan is a project created by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation with the aim to support cooperation in Space-related Industries both upstream and downstream, as well as in Space applications and utilizations industries, with a focus on certain sectors such as Space Communications and Earth Observation (EO). 
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