Invitation for the webinar of Space.Japan on November 22 (JST 17:00-17:30/ CET 9:00-9:30)

EOS, the first Personal Space Vehicle, a whole new class of orbital launch vehicles 

Date: Tuesday November 22 2022, JST 17:00-17:30/ CET 9:00-9:30 

(This webinar will be conducted only in English) 

Space.Japan, in collaboration with a promising startup from Italy, Sidereus Space Dynamics, is pleased to invite you to the present webinar.  

Access to space has always been extremely complicated, expensive, and feasible only from a few places on Earth. Until now. Sidereus Space Dynamics is a space start-up developing the first fully reusable, single-stage-to-orbit space vehicle ever. Just 3.5 meters tall, EOS is the first Personal Space Vehicle, a whole new class of orbital launchers. EOS can be launched from anywhere, anytime, with no ground infrastructures needed. Launch your small payloads to be deployed precisely in your target orbit, or use EOS as a platform for rapid orbital access, conduct your tests and recover your payloads. 

Please register directly from the link contained in the flyer as attached file to participate. 

Space.Japan is a project created by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation with the aim to support cooperation in Space-related Industries both upstream and downstream, as well as in Space applications and utilizations industries, with a focus on certain sectors such as Space Communications and Earth Observation (EO).  

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