Program list by Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organizations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programs of the Japan Foundation.

About the Applicable Programs

The Japan Foundation conducts programs in the three major areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and Japanese Studies and International Dialogue. There are applicable programs in each of these areas, and support is provided for activities conducted by individuals and organizations that are involved in international exchange.

Please read the General Instructions thoroughly, and then go to the Program List, organized by categories and objectives, for general information of each program.

Program List

If you find in the Program Guidelines a program that matches the project that you or your organization are planning, please obtain the respective application instructions and application forms. Complete the forms and submit your application to the specified destination.
The Japan Foundation screens the applications and provides support to successful applicants.

PDF Booklet for Download

The Japan Foundation Program Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2023 (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024) outline the full array of the Japan Foundation’s applicable programs.

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