Book Announcements – Erich Pauer et al. Technical Education and Technical Knowledge in (Early) Modern Japan

Erich Pauer [CEEJA], Regine Matthias [CEEJA], Eds

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-912961-25-2

£150.00 [2 volume set]

Forthcoming September 2021

This collection of fourteen key papers deriving from CEEJA’s second international conference exploring the Japanese history of technology, concentrates on the routes to acquiring and transmitting technical knowledge in Japan’s modern era – from the very earliest endeavours in establishing opportunities for acquiring a technical education to the translation of foreign textbooks and manuals.

Published in two volumes and thematically structured in three Parts, this wide-ranging work both complements and expands on the subject-matter contained in the first volume entitled Technical Knowledge in Early Modern Japan (2020).

Erich Pauer (Marburg) & Ruselle Meade (Cardiff ) (Eds)

ISBN: 978-1-912961-00-9


October 2020

Drawing on the papers presented at CEEJA’s* first international conference addressing the long-neglected field relating to the generation, dissemination and application of technical knowledge in Japan from the Edo to the Meiji periods, this volume provides a valuable selection of new research on the subject, from Hashimoto Takehiko’s detailed examination of Tanaka Hisashige’s ‘Myriad Year Clock’, Regine Mathias’s paper on mining and smelting, and Erich Pauer’s overview of Japanese technical books in the pre-modern era, to Suzuki Jun’s detailed account of boiler-making in late nineteenth-century Japan.

* Centre Européen d’Études Japonaises d’Alsace, 2017

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