March 8, 2021: EJEA member Arnold Ackerer, Deputy Head of Advantage Austria in Tokyo (Commercial Attache at the Austrian Embassy) will give a talk at VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE: INSIGHTS INTO JAPAN, March 16, 9:30am (CET)/ 5.30pm (JST)

Creative Culture International, London will hold a Roundtable, focusing on the opportunities and challenges faced in marketing and communication when doing business in Japan. The EJEA member Dr. Arnold Ackerer is invited as one of local experts to provide his valuable insights into economic scene in Japan. Registration is here.

Here is the information provided by Creative Culture International, London.


16 March 2021 at 8.30am GMT/ 5.30pm GMT+9

Following on from our successful roundtables, which covered countries such as Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and India, organised in conjunction with the leading communications trade associations PRCAand ICCO, we will be focusing on the opportunities and challenges faced in marketing and comms when doing business in Japan. Our group of local experts in trade, media, and cultural matters will be sharing their in-depth insights with you!

When you register, please do not hesitate to answer the question on the form that will help us better understand what you expect to hear from the session. We will begin with introductions from our experts and then invite you to share your thoughts and questions through a moderator.

Our experts:

  • Arnold Ackerer, Deputy Head of Advantage Austria in Tokyo (Commercial Attache at the Austrian Embassy) and co-founder of TechBIZKON, an annual Japanese-European startup and investor tech conference, will give an economic overview of Japan. He has over 10 years of experience helping foreign companies succeed in the Japanese market, and organising symposia, exhibitions, trade fairs and lobbying work alongside the Japanese government and public organisations.
  • Yusuke Kamimura, founder and CEO of ShapeWin, a PR firm for IT start-ups and educational institutes in Japan, will be sharing his media communications expertise. With a marketing background and previous experience working at SEGA, he will explore the mass media channels in the country, and how to optimise targeting media to Japanese consumers.
  • Maki Kinoshita, a Marketing & Strategy Consultant, with an extensive background in the Food & Beverage and Health & Nutrition industries in Japan, will provide insights on cross-cultural subjects to global retail brands. She will be discussing the behaviours of Japanese locals, trends in consumer products, and how to do business with Japanese people.
  • Dave Perry is Senior Research Director at Sugata Research, a leading Japanese qualitative marketing research agency. Dave will offer his expertise in the recent evolving nature of consumer insights, to cover key elements of Japan’s consumer market, including: market size, wealth and income disparity, why Japan matters, pitfalls and success, heritage and quality, service standards and technology.
  • Akiko Tanoue is a Global Customer Marketing professional at GU (part of Fast Retailing Group, which also owns Uniqlo), with extensive brand experience, having worked on projects for Nike, Volkswagen and Audi in Japan. She will focus on key aspects of campaign activations that international brands need to be aware of when launching a campaign in Japan, including social media, influencer marketing, and the Japanese youth. 

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