Japanese Industry and Policy News May 2022

The Centre regularly screens various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, to provide you with the latest information about EU-Japan industrial cooperation.

We are pleased to send you today the May 2022 issue:

EU-JAPAN CENTRE for Industrial Cooperation | EU-based office

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DIJ Method Talk on June 23: Actors, networks, and where to find them in rural Japan (hybrid; Timo Thelen)

 Actors, networks, and where to find them in rural Japan (https://dij.tokyo/ant)

June 23, 2022, Thursday, 6.30pm (JST)/11.30am (CEST), Timo Thelen (Kanazawa University) 

Aging inhabitants, economic decline of the primary sector, outmigration of the young generations – the postgrowth state of Japan’s peripheries challenges local communities to sustain rural living in the globalized age. To stop or even reverse this structural decline, various actors such as regional governments and research institutions forge strategies of revitalization, following national aims as well as global frameworks. For the investigation of these new and complex formations of power and knowledge in rural Japan, actor-and-network theory (ANT) can provide a window to shed light on how different allies find their goals unified in a common project and how links between centers and peripheries are established. It can, moreover, help to understand the impacts that such projects may – or may not – have on the local communities, which are supposed to benefit from them.

Timo Thelen will introduce some basic ideas of ANT and STS (science and technology studies) as coined by Bruno Latour (Pandora’s Hope, 1999) and give advice on their practical employment as tools for analysis and interpretation of ethnographic fieldwork data based on his own experience. By drawing on examples from his recent publication “Revitalization and Internal Colonialism in Rural Japan” (Routledge, 2022), he will discuss the potential of such a research approach for the study of rural Japan.

Timo Thelen is Lecturer at Kanazawa University, where he teaches Cultural Anthropology and German as a Foreign Language. He received his PhD from Dusseldorf University in 2018. His research focuses on rural Japan, media tourism, LGBTQ, and horror. Recent publications include “Between 1990s’ Nostalgia and ‘LGBT-friendly’ Tokyo Olympics: Representations of LGBTQ People in NHK’s Morning Drama Series” (Japanese Studies, 2021) and “Real Mermaid vs. Nuclear Power Plant: Ecofeminist Vengeance and Ama Divers in Japanese Horror” (Gothic Nature, 2021).

This is a Hybrid Event!

On-site participation: Registration is required via email to kottmann@dijtokyo.org until June 22, 2022. Due to safety reasons the number of participants is limited to 16; masks are obligatory.
Please adhere to our covid-19 prevention measures.

Online participation: Please register via the webpage. Log in data will be provided after registration.

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Live stream (Friday, June 10): Artificial Intelligence and Law – Chances and Risks by German Centre for Research and Innovation Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo)

Germany and Japan are facing similarly large, societal and political challenges with increasing digitalization and developments in the field of artificial intelligence in law. This event takes up the central question of whether the new opportunities arising from the rapid developments in the field of AI result in risks for the rule of law or whether the opportunities outweigh them. In particular, the symposium will focus on the legal changes required in the various areas of law to leverage the potential inherent in AI on the one hand, but also to limit its risks on the other.

This symposium is organized by the German-Japanese Association of Jurists (DJJV) and will be streamed live in German and Japanese (June 10 from 09:30-17:10 JST / 02:30-10:10 CEST).


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Webinar on the Opportunities for EU & Japan Industrial and Innovation Cooperation in the Circular Economy for Strategic Metals

Webinar on the Opportunities for EU & Japan Industrial and Innovation Cooperation in the Circular Economy for Strategic Metals

Co-organised by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation / Belgium-Japan Association’s Innovation, Partnerships & Trade Committee

With both the EU and Japan looking to decarbonise society and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, demand for ‘strategic metals’ used in cleantech is increasing and securing these critical raw materials’ availability will be key to ensuring strategic autonomy and the resilience of post-covid industrial strategies. ‘Circularity’ is part of the solution and underpins the 2021 EU-Japan Green Alliance under which the EU and Japan will deepen their “policy dialogue and cooperation on supply chain sustainability, circular economy and resource efficiency”, collaborate in multilateral frameworks to seek “concrete action in support of a global just transition to a climate neutral, resource efficient and circular economy” and will “cooperate to develop principles on circular economy and resource efficiency for stakeholders such as businesses and investors”.

To that end, this webinar will build a bridge between the EU and Japan to share initiatives and strategies to realise the circular economy of strategic metals used to decarbonise energy and mobility and address the opportunities for EU-Japan industrial and innovation cooperation. The European Commission’s Directorate-Generals for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs and for Environment, and the Japanese Ministries of Economy, Trade & Industry and Economy will address public policy actions and Processes4Planet, Flanders Metals Valley, University of Liège and the Japan Partnership for Circular Economy will address innovation and circular economy ecosystems.

This event will bring together policymakers, researchers and industry figures to identify the EU and Japanese policy instruments and industrial innovation methods that will nurture the circular economies for strategic metals and help the EU and Japan ensure a green transition.

1. Date and time: Thursday, June 23, 2022, 16:30 ~ 19:30 Tokyo (9:30 ~ 11:30 Brussels)

2. Language: English only (no interpretation)

3. Program: Click here

4. Detailed event information: Click here

5. Participation fee: Free

6. Registration: This webinar will be held online. Please click the following ZOOM link to register for participation. ZOOM registration link

7. Q & A: Questions can either be submitted in advance (via the “Questions & Comments” box on the ZOOM registration form) or during the event (via the “Q&A” button on ZOOM). Please note that due to time constraints it may not be possible to answer all of them.

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