April 18, 2019: EIG CONCERT-Japan call “Smart Water Management for Sustainable Society”

The European Interest Group (EIG) CONCERT-Japan is delighted to announce that our 6th joint call, “Smart Water Management for Sustainable Society”, is now open and welcoming proposals from interested researchers. Given the critical need globally for developing novel innovative and sustainable solutions to water management challenges capable of withstanding both rapid natural and social change, EIG CONCERT-Japan is hopeful that this call can support research which will ultimately stimulate practical solutions in the area of water sustainability.

The “Smart Water Management for Sustainable Society” call is open to public and private RTD entities, higher education institutions and non-university research organizations based in Japan and several European countries, including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey. Each project consortium should include at least one (1)  partner based in Japan, and two (2) or more partners based in different European partner countries.

EIG CONCERT-Japan is an international and multilateral joint funding initiative founded to support and enhance cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI) research between European countries and Japan. Inclusive and flexible in nature, EIG CONCERT-Japan supports diverse types of collaboration to advance impactful research while simultaneously fostering meaningful international exchange between research communities.

Please visit our call website (http://concert-japan.eu/spip.php?article67) for more information.

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April 2019: Call for Abstracts “Human-Centered Digitalization”, submit by April 30, 2019


International Conference on

Human-Centered Digitalization:
How to Develop Next Generation of Humans and Robots for a
Secure, Harmonic and Prosperous Future of Europe and Japan?

September 20th (Friday) and 21st (Saturday morning), 2019 in Graz (Austria)

jointly organized by
the European Japan Experts Association, the Graz University of Technology,
the University of Graz and the Institute for Security Development Policy

Submission of your abstract for oral contribution (10 min.) or poster until April 30, 2019.
The conference is held within the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Austria.
Official language of the conference is English.
Number of participants is limited.
The organizers expect your attendance during the whole conference.

Call for Abstracts: Oral Contributions for Workshops
The oral contributions should be no longer than 10 minutes and are presented during parallel sessions of workshops. Currently the following workshops are under discussion:

  1. Establishing digital ethics in Western and Eastern philosophical contexts
  2. New holistic views on digital security – the European and the Japanese approach
  3. Future role of artificial intelligence in Europe and Japan in realizing human-centered digitalization
  4. Innovating digital education and skills in different cultures, on a global scope and in an interdisciplinary context
  5. Forming cooperation of robots and humans in industrial and service sectors: How does the sociocultural context in Europe and Japan influence technology affinity?
  6. What are the consequences of digitalization for economy, society and job market in Europe and Japan?

Call for Abstracts: Posters
Posters focusing on human-centered digitalization are very welcome, even from a more specific perspective.
Submissions should include:

  • Given name, family name, title, affiliation, URL, email address, phone number
  • Abstract (max. 250 words)
  • Please indicate whether you want to present an oral contribution or a poster

Please submit until April 30, 2019 to:
Executive Manager, European Japan Experts Association, Sabine Ganter-Richter:

Call for Abstracts

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EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

The EU has finalised negotiations for a trade agreement with Japan.

EU firms already export over €58bn in goods and €28bn in services to Japan every year.
But European firms face trade barriers when exporting to Japan which make it hard for them to compete.
The trade agreement with Japan will:

  • remove these barriers
  • help us shape global trade rules in line with our high standards and shared values
  • send a powerful signal that two of the world’s biggest economies reject protectionism.

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EU and Japan sign landmark trade deal. TRT World interview with EJEA member

The European Union and Japan have signed a major trade agreement, which will get rid of almost all tariffs on goods between them. It’s the EU’s largest trade deal ever, and will cover a third of the global economy. Leaders from both sides are hailing the deal as a victory for free trade, as the world’s biggest economies are racing to put up trade barriers against each other.
We speak to Heinz D. Kurz, economics professor at Austria’s University of Graz and member of the European Japan Experts Association.
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