Future & Past

The following pages give an overview over the EJEA events and history from its foundation in 1995 until 2015.

The years 2016 to 2017 mark a period of transition for EJEA. The members meeting on July 15th 2016 in Graz adopted the “concept for revitalization”. The preamble states the following:
“In 1995 Japan experts from 11 European countries and from the European Commission assembled at the Japanese-German Center Berlin for the foundation of the European Japan Experts Association (EJEA). After 20 years of existence, the Executive Committee of EJEA is looking for new opportunities in order to establish EJEA as a sustainable interdisciplinary network and a reliable foundation for the European-Japanese relations in science.
At present a number of initiatives and networks in Europe support scientific cooperation and exchange with Japan. Especially the funding and support systems on European as well as on national levels are diverse and complex. This situation incorporates a great chance for EJEA.
As its name already implies, EJEA could also develop into an umbrella organization for existing national associations. Bundling European “voices” from a broad range of disciplines, EJEA could serve as a key contact for European and Japanese academics and scientists as well as for discussion about Japan-related topics. By legal status a non-governmental institution, EJEA is able to realize its activities in a flexible way, to fill gaps, to overcome barriers and to meet needs. To provide targeted information and contacts for its members as well as for external partners – this is the future of EJEA activities!”

We appreciate your comments and support for EJEA’s future activities! Please do not hesitate to contact us by ejea@ejea.eu