EJEA Cooperates with Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

On request from Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in Kaunas, Lithuania, EJEA sent Professor Dr. Anders Törnvall (Member of the EJEA Executive Committee) to give lectures for two days (11. & 12. November 2021) at the Centre for Asian Studies.

Vytautas Magnus University is one of the leading universities in Lithuania, it has about 8 000 students (including Master students and PhD Candidates) and 90 professors, in total over 1000 employees. The University cooperates with many universities all over the world, e.g. with Waseda University in Japan.

The lectures of Prof. Törnvall covered Japanes cultures and value-systems as well as Korean philosophies and Chinese cultures and ideologies in a comparative setting.

In an official meeting the future cooperating between EJEA and the University was discussed. Representatives from the Centre for Asian Studies expressed their interest to come to the next EJEA conference in Berlin 2022 and keep in touch with EJEA for further contacts.

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