May 19, 2021: Deployment of large-scale green hydrogen production | EU-Japan Online Workshop | 27th May, 9:30-12:30 (CET)/16:30-19:30(JST)

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will organize the online event titled above.

Agenda & Registration:

Hydrogen is projected to meet one quarter of global energy demand in 2050. But 95% of today’s hydrogen production is fossil-based, as low-carbon hydrogen is not yet cost-competitive. To truly contribute to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality set both by the EU and Japan by 2050, hydrogen will have to be produced from renewable sources.

Renewable hydrogen has the potential to deliver decarbonised energy where renewable electricity has its limits, notably when it comes to storage, heavy-duty transport and energy-intensive industries. Together, renewable electricity and renewable hydrogen can provide the synergies needed to deliver an integrated, flexible, clean energy system.

To realize this vision, a massive increase in supply of products and processes based on renewable hydrogen is needed. This implies substituting fossil-based hydrogen by renewable hydrogen in existing value chains and increasing the maturity of technology to reach market viability and competitiveness.

In this event, experts from Europe and Japan will share the latest developments on public policies and deployment of large-scale green hydrogen production. They will also open a discussion on possible cooperation between Europe and Japan in green hydrogen projects.

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