April 1, 2021: EJEA is supporting the International Youth Contest “Smart Transport Sustainability in the Daily life”

International Youth Contest “Smart Transport Sustainability in the Daily life

Objective of the international youth contest “Smart Transport Sustainability in the Daily life”  is to stimulate and encourage the interest of youth in understanding knowledge related to smart transport applications useful for daily life.

Contest rules: In the International contest will enter maximum 5 posters from each participating highschool or college. The posters must be in format A4, jpeg or pdf.  Posters can be made by individuals or teams of maximum 3 high school / college students.

Contest topic:  Posters will be made on the topic: “Smart Transport Sustainability in the Daily life”. Selection criteria for the award will be the emotional message or the story suggested by the poster.

Participants: students from selected high schools / colleges from Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Romania, Turkey, South Africa and South Korea. Other countries are open to join, provided that only one highschool/college participates from the country, with maximum 5 posters. For joining the contest, please contact the main organiser, the European Center for Social Responsibility by ecsr.world@gmail.com.

Prizes: Each participating high school/ college will be awarded one Diploma  of Excellence and 4 Diplomas of participation, awarded by the organisers and
the international extraordinary jury. The jury members are selected from the international transport sector from Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden,  United Arab Emirates and UK. The name of the winners and participants will be mentioned on the websites of co-organisers.

Contest calendar:
-10 April 2021: Selection of the 5 posters at high school/ college level:
-12 April 2021: Submitting the posters to the contest organiser ( European Center for Social Responsibility, by email ecsr.world@gmail.com),
-16 April 2021: Designation of the winners

Contact: For other details, contact by email the European Center for Social Responsibility (ecsr.world@gmail.com) or Dr. Cristina Dragomir, Associate Professor at Constanta Maritime University, Romania (cristina.dragomir@cmu-edu.eu)

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