February 12, 2021: Japanese Industry and Policy News January 2021 by the EU-Japan Centre now available online

The EU-Japan Centre is pleased to announce the latest release of its “Japanese Industry and Policy News” composed of various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including policy documents, surveys, and official statements, in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation.

Topics covered in the january 2021 isue:

Legislation and Policy News
– Services launched for system for filing requests for subsidies called “jGrants 2.0”
-Demonstration tests to be held for food waste reduction taking advantage of electronic tags (RFID)
– “Echizen Gani” and “Iburigakko” are targets of Geographical Indication, first added in Japan-EU EPA
Survey and Business Data
– Carbon neutral in 2050, 43% of companies are “difficult to achieve”
-Trade balance in 2020, secure surplus for the first time in 3 years
– 400,000 people moving out of Tokyo, up 4.7% to 2019
Company & Organization News
– Sony unveils driving test of EV under development on public road
– MIRAI, plant factory equipment sales contract with Norwegian company completely closed
– 92 corporations calling on the Japanese government to raise its 2030 renewable energy target to 40-50%
– Commercialized the world’s first supplement of green bio product containing the biotics ingredient HYA
– Face recognition and palm vein authentication enable highly accurate identification of people even when wearing a mask
– Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Vattenfall and Wärme Hamburg sign letter of intent for 100MW hydrogen project in Hamburg
– Toyota is the number one seller in the world for the first time in 5 years
Other Topics
– Wear non-woven mask when meeting people, performance difference in material and shape

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